PROJECT INFORMATION Mirerani Good Hope programme for children and young people

  • Title of the project: Mirerani Good Hope programme for children and young people
  • Focus: Protection, prevention and rehabilitation of vulnerable children under 17 years in Tanzania 
  • Stated year: July 2004 
  • Finished year: October 2004 
  • Partners: World Vision Tanzania, Village existing development committees, Tanzania Government.


Overall objective:  

The project has the aim to protect, prevent, rehabilitate vulnerable children under 17 years in Tanzania. 

Immediate objective:  

The immediate object of this programme is to contribute towards the gradual reduction and eventual elimination of Worst Form of Child Labour (WFCL) in the mining sector in Tanzania. In order to achieve this, MGHP operates through an empowered village stakeholders committee, village development committee, primary school teacher and other related NGO´s. 


  • Identification and registration of children for withdrawal. 
  • Counseling seminars sessions for targeted children. 
  • Training of community members. 
  • Income generating activities to raise household. Income for identified families. 
  • Re-integrate counseled children with their families and prevents those who are in danger from falling into WFCL. 
  • Support drop-in centres. 
  • Sort out children from drop in centre to normal primary schools EDC (Education Development Centre), VETA (Vocational Education Training Agency) and COBET (Complimentary Basic Education).


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