• Title of the project: Empowering women in Tigania West, Kenya, phase I
  • Focus: Increasing economic independency among women and social empowerment in Tigania West.  
  • Stated year: 1st November 2007  
  • Finished year: 31st December 2009 
  • Partners: SOTENI Kenya (Sustainability, Opportunity, Training, Epistemology, Networking and Independence) and CRC (Community relief and Concern) 
  • Funding:  Mini-project 547.216 DKK


Immediate objective:  

  1.  The organizational capacity to develop income generating activities is strengthened. 
  2. Community development activities supporting income generating activities and advocacy for human rights are strengthened.


Outputs related to immediate objective 1:   

  • Increased entrepreneurship and improvement of existing small scale business among members of the working groups. Improved or new products and methods for production and sale is developed and implemented. 
  • All 50 groups have been trained in running of small scale business including the use of microfinance. 5 training sessions is made for each group. 
  • 50 groups have received follow up and advice on their activities in entrepreneurship and small scale business, by minimum 3 visits by trainers to each group. All groups have an attached mentor (an experienced local business man/woman) for current support and advice.   

Outputs related to immediate objective 2: 

  • 50 groups have been trained in organizing, human rights, equal opportunities, HIV/AIDS. 
  • All groups have had follow up and support for their activities in local community during the follow up visits by trainers to each group. 
  • Community plan for supporting entrepreneurs and equal opportunities is developed in close collaboration by local authorities and CRC. 
  • Local community activities meetings, events etc. Focussing on human rights, equal opportunities, HIV/Aids, entrepreneurship, organizing. 
  • Improved organising and co-operation among women groups aiming at securing their interests in operation of business, equal opportunities in the community.


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