PROJECT INFORMATION Programme to prevent and withdraw 2,500 children from mining in Simanjiro district

  • Title of the project: Programme to prevent and withdraw 2,500 children from mining in Simanjiro district
  • Focus: Improvement of child conditions in Simanjiro 
  • Stated year: 3rd November 2003 
  • Finished year: 31st December 2003 
  • Partners: Mirerani Good Hope Programme and World Vision-Tanzania. 
  • Funding: IPEC contribution: US$ 117,958.00, MGHPs & WVs contribution: US$ 57,007.00


Overall objective:  

This project has the aim to contribute towards the progressive reduction and eventual elimination of child labour in the mining sector in Tanzania. 

Immediate objective:  

This project has three main immediate objectives: 

  • Assisting and promoting the establishment of community base mechanisms and structures for combating child labour in the mining sector in Simanjiro District. 
  • Withdrawing younger and vulnerable children from mining sites and to provide them with alternatives. 
  • Preventing child labour in small scale mining in Simanjiro district. 


  • Promotion and implementation of community level mechanisms and structures for eliminating child labour in mining established in Mirerani and 15 targeted areas in Simanjiro district. 
  • Plan for withdrawing one thousand (200 girls and 800 boys) from mining and mining related activities and provided with alternatives. 
  • Provided 300 families at risk in Mirerani and 15 villages in Simanjiro district with support grant for income generation. 
  • Programme activities on the prevention and withdrawal of 2,500 children in monitored and evaluated.


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