PROJECT INFORMATION Child Labour project

  • Title of the project: FIC, TAMICO and GOOD HOPE-Child Labour project (Seminar) 
  • Focus: Prevention, withdrawal, rehabilitation and elimination of child labour 
  • Stated and finished days of the seminar: 11-12/03/2018 
  • Partners: Tanzania Mines and Construction Workers (TAMICO), Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC), GOOD HOPE.


Overall objective:  

This project aims at preventing, withdrawing rehabilitating and eliminating child labour in the mines. 

Immediate objective:  

The partnerships of all these unions have the aim to rehabilitate, integrate and enable withdrawal children and youth to lead gainful life. In addition, it has the purpose to lobby with the social and development partners to enhance the governments ratify ILO Conventions on child labour.  


  • Establishment of child labour focal points within the organizations for data bank, information exchange, reporting system and empowerment. 
  • TAMICO reviews conditions for youth to join its ranks and leadership. 
  • A joint outcome good practices report is produced and ready for replication. 
  • Rehabilitation models/approaches established and functioning. 
  • Credit cooperative schemes established and skills training undertaken.


Empowerment of women in Kuria, Kenya
Empowerment of young workers in the port of Mombasa, Kenya
Moving ahead with the youth of Tanzania for employment and influence
Organisational development in the employees´ organisation in the Kenyan port industry, phase II